Start Your Meal Off Right

A great starter dish must meet three essential requirements.

First, it has to be shareable. If it’s not inherently sharable, you’re going to eat the whole thing before the delicious “New White” pizza you ordered comes out of the kitchen.

Then you’ll be full and sad.

Second, it has to set the tone for the rest of the meal. You may not realize it, but a cohesive set of dishes can be the difference between a decent dining experience, and a great one.

And finally (and this is an obvious one) it has to be delicious. There is nothing worse than starting your meal off on the wrong foot—so don’t!

Luckily for you, we have a little something that nails all the essentials, and then some!

These Are Some Saucy Meatballs

What’s more authentically Italian than a meatball?

Nothing, that’s what.

Our Roasted Turkey Meatballs are the perfect way to start your meal—they’re great for sharing, pair well with every main dish on the menu, and, last but not least, they’re delish!

The meatballs are slow-roasted to perfection, then topped with our signature rustic tomato sauce.

To round it all out, we lay on some fresh, locally sourced basil and crumbly Italian parmigiano.

These meatballs will be gone before you can say “grazie!”

But then what do you do with all that extra sauce in the bowl? It’s just sitting there—all beautiful and delicious…

Oh please! We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!

The dish is served with a plate of warm and fluffy focaccia bread—perfect for clearing up each and every last drop of that divine tomato sauce.

Your Meal, Your Call

Yeah, the dish has to be inherently shareable, but we didn’t say anything about ACTUALLY sharing it.

If you’re feeling a hearty meatball dinner, do it up! Order either 6 or 12 and enjoy.

Pair them with the Carbone Greens salad and you’ve got yourself a feast!

Whether you’re grabbing a bite with friends or going solo, these delightful little balls of meat are sure to satisfy those taste buds, no matter what.

Is your mouth watering yet? Come down to one of our four Winnipeg locations. Just fill out the form and we’ll have a table ready for you when you stop by. If you have any questions, send us a message here!