Local charity event turning Smashville into reality

Winnipeg Jets fans are going to get hammered on their way to watch Friday’s playoff game — but it is for a good cause.

The Carbone Coal Fired Pizza restaurant, located downtown at 260 St. Mary Ave., is parking a specially painted used car outside that customers can hit with a hammer after paying $5. The cash will go to KidSport, which helps children in low-income families to participate in organized sports.

Benjamin Nasberg, Carbone’s president, said they came up with the idea in response to media reports that fans of the Nashville Predators — the team the Jets are facing in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs — are holding a charity event in which they hammer away at a plane that has been painted with the Winnipeg Jets colours and logo.

Nasberg said the car — a 2007 Dodge Caliber donated by Vickar Chevrolet — is being painted on Friday afternoon with the Predators colours and logo by a local graffiti artist.

He said the hammer will come down starting at 5 p.m., around when Jets fans begin streaming to the downtown arena to attend the first away game viewing party at Bell MTS Place.

“This is in response to Nashville — it’s only fair to return the favour,” Nasberg said.

“We think Winnipeg is filled with a lot of great, mild people, but we still need to stand up in a classy way to what Predator fans are doing… we feel it is a fun way to draw awareness and raise money for a great cause.”

Nasberg said they plan to continue allowing charitable fans to continue hammering the car in future games.

“But we’ll see what condition the car is in after (Friday).”

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