Flipping Traditional Pizza On It’s Head

At Carbone, we like to think we’ve got the traditional pizza thing down to a science. So naturally, it was about time we flipped that classic Italian style on its head.

Change it up. Try something new.

So the first thing we did was say buh-bye to tomato sauce.

Don’t get us wrong—we LOVE ourselves some tomato sauce, and our other signature pizzas rock it so well, but the beauty of a great pizza lies in how versatile it is.

Just look at Hawaiian pizza—pineapple, ham and cheese? Sounds weird, but hell, it works!

We, however, wanted to take it even further.

The “New White” Isn’t Your Typical Pie

Instead of a classic tomato sauce, our signature “New White” features a light but flavourful roasted garlic sauce, accompanied by a spinach pesto drizzle.

And rather than the usual mozzarella, we sprinkle on some authentic Italian parmigiano and chunks of smooth and delicious ricotta cheese.

We top it off with some of the juiciest, locally sourced cherry tomatoes and a few twists of cracked black pepper.

Our coal-fired oven, burning at a steamy 850ºC, crisps our thin crust to perfection, infusing a slightly smoky taste to round out it all out.

The end result is a pie that stays true to our authentic Italian roots while still breaking the rules of what we all believe to be a traditional pizza.

No meat. No tomato sauce, All delicious.

The Extras Are Up To You

Everybody has a different technique when it comes to eating pizza, whether it’s as simple as the way you fold it before each bite, to adding an absolute mountain of parmigiano cheese.

We say—you do you! But we do have a few suggestions.

Before the pizza comes out, give your stomach a bit of a stretch with the Cabone Greens salad. It’s light enough to leave room for your pizza, but delicious enough to get the meal off to a perfect start.

If you’re looking for a bit of extra spice once the pizza comes out, you may want to add a few spirts of Cholula sauce. The spice (and slight sweetness) paired with the garlic butter sauce makes for a unique and robust flavour.

And finally, if you want it gluten-free, you can have it gluten-free! We’ve got you covered. Each of our 12″ pizzas can me made on our signature gluten-free dough. And guess what? It’s vegan too!

However, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. As long as you enjoy all the fresh, locally sourced ingredients and authentic Italian style, we’re happy, and hopefully you are too.

If you’re jonesing to try the “New White”, just fill out the form and we’ll have a table ready for you when you stop by. If you have any questions about the menu or anything else you see on the website, send us a message here.