Carbone Is Going Strawless

Carbone is proud to announce that starting this week, all four locations have gone strawless!

Most disposable straws are made from plastics that will never break down completely, and are only ever used for around 10 minutes at a time.

Doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

We don’t think so either.

As a positive step toward a more sustainable future, we decided this contribution was the right move for each of our restaurants and the communities surrounding them.

Carbone has always strived to be as eco-friendly and environmentally aware as possible—from the way we prepare our dishes, to the type of coal we use to cook our pizzas.

We use anthracite to fire our ovens, which one of the most clean-burning types of coal, emitting much less emission than most other fuel sources.

True care for the environment has always been top-of-mind for Carbone. Our decisions to both get rid of straws and fire the pizzas the way we do are intentional, with our ultimate goal to serve a more economical city, country and planet.

Recently, many leading brands have joined the movement, and we’re honoured to be a part of the conversation.

Of course, we will still carry straws for those who need them, but we will only provide them if requested.

If you have any questions about our choice to go strawless or anything else you see on the website, send us a message here.